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The Diet Journey

I have discovered  Natural Medicine. Natural medicine, is that right Linn? I have heard so many different appellations for alternative medicine that I am now confused: integral or complementary medicine, biomedicine, natural medicine, naturopathy, herbal medicine, holistic and body medicine, Chinese medicine, and so on… probably there is a difference between all of them, right?

I am not sick at all, at least that’s what I think. Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to go to Thailand and train more than 8 hours daily. However, as everyone, I do have some disorders and discomfort with some part of my body. Like many, I am a regular rider of the weight roller-coaster. In a year I can lose 5 kilos, gain 7, lose 5 again and gain another 7. Every single year. So if you do the maths… I have been getting stronger and stronger, as I like to call it… or getting new muscles.

Being a regular rider, combined with the fact that sunlight hours in Oslo vary dramatically between winter and summer, has caused the roller-coaster to increase its velocity lately. I started feeling very tired some mornings (and the whole day or week) but with lots of unexpected energy some others. I remember that I could sleep 17 hours in a row, waking up and still feeling exhausted. My stomach also started misbehaving. I also discovered that I was infected with mononucleosis, quite normal here in Norway I heard? I therefore payed a visit to my general doctor (fastlege).

In Norway the health system is very complex and most of the time is slow, however it’s free. My doctor didn’t wanted me to make any test for mono. But since I didn’t have to pay for the exam, just a few coronas, I insisted.  It turned out that I had mono. The cure: rest and sleep. My cure: Bikram.

My journey to become a Bikram teacher worries me a bit: 2 x 90+ minutes practices plus 2 x4+ hours of posture clinics, 4 liters of water, 1000 calories, 40+ degrees per day for 9 weeks. Where do I get the necessary minerals and nutrients? My doctor didn’t know (he was a bit concerned also). But Linn did. She is a therapist in biological medicine. Most traditional doctors think that alternative therapies lack scientific validation and that are usually based in religion, tradition, superstition, belief in supernatural energy, bla, bla, bla. Last tuesday I experienced myself that alternative medicine is far away from being a god’s science or a quackery. I totally recommend an appointment with her (I can put you in contact if you are interested).

I came to Linn for help with weight control, energy levels and on and off stomach problems. After taking an extensive medical history, analyzing my blood under the microscope and using reflexology, iris analysis and auricular acupuncture as further diagnostic tools I was set up with a nutritional and supplement plan. Since I am taking the Bikram teacher training she decided to focus less on detoxing and instead on giving me customized nutritional guidance to support me during my stay with focus on the right fats, vitamins, minera2015-04-18 02.21.14ls and herbs that will work on replenishing my body, stabilizing my blood sugar as well as creating digestive symbiosis. Linn also gave me advice on local produce and protein sources for a vegetarian diet as well as other tips for forming healthy habits. With this initial treatment she expects me to feel more energetic, with less cravings, a more stable weight and improved digestion.

After my appointment, now I understand why is it also called holistic medicine. A follow up treatment after I return from Thailand will address some more of the underlying causes of my condition. However, I’ve already started taking the medicine and at today’s Bikram class I didn’t felt tired and I even didn’t sweat as much as I’ve always done. I just drunk 1 liter of water instead of the normal 2!

Tomorrow my journey starts (wohoooo!) and I will keep you informed on how my diet and body reacts.


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