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Another week of shocks and shakes

The nice 5 start hotel we are staying at is a completely new complex and was reconstructed after the tsunami in 2004. Even if 11 years have passed already there is still a sense of alarm all over, including the yogui community. Actually, the first question one of our classmates made was about the procedure in case of a tsunami. Hopefully we safe, but many are be scared, specially after the earth movement we had on Tuesday and Wednesday night. As a chilean, I didn’t worry so much, earthquakes are part of our daily life, we even name drinks after them, but it is true that at least it makes you think about the possibility of a natural disaster.

After the tremors this week the rumor says that there is a tsunami alert in the region… That adds to the general panic. I think however that the sensation is worsened by the fact that we are under a great amount of stress, specially because of the dialogueIMG_0235 and many others due to stomach problems. I’ll explain:

In the last post I mentioned how great the food is. And it is true, it was quite nice, until you find yourself eating the same food day after day, every single day; exactly the same. Looks like the country-related-food-days are over, maybe they have run out of countries to choose from. Non vegetarians can still have some variety within the menu. Vegetarians however, or vegans for that matter, are struggling to get a complete diet and the necessary vitamins and minerals. I am grateful I was able to visit Linn and get the right nutritional IMG_0234supplements I needed to survive the Teacher Training Course. Some are already becoming weak and spending the weekend in their rooms recovering from the hard training and lack of nutrients instead of enjoying the hotel’s facilities, or studying the dialogue with friends out in the beach (or swimming pool, or lounges, or massage table… so many to choose from 😉

Not sure if everyone thinks the same about the diet, but up until now, those who I have spoken with, the are of the same opinion. Thankfully tomorrow is the weekend!!!!!! Yeah!!… free time!… to study the dialogue…

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