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Be fair, be Justa

Becoming a Bikram yoga teacher is one of my11824007_10153593133942268_40702278_n
dreams. A dream that I have been thinking for a couple of years since I started practicing. But I also have another dream, an ultimate desire: to combine in some way or another my profession (As I metioned in my first post I am a political scientist specialized in  conflicts and peace processes) with Bikram yoga.

And lately I have been doing just that, designing my yoga clothing line: JUSTA

11249091_1615292628745108_8007124708516224715_n“But how are both related?” you might ask… Well, this yoga apparel has some characteristics that explain this relationship. Conflicts are not only provoked by political/racial /religious reasons, but also due to economic interests. Particularly in Asia, and some countries in latin-america like Guatemala and Mexico, a particular model of textile production has been imposed. As these countries have a considerably large population of undereducated women, caused by gender inequality, many companies see this situation as a business opportunity.
Because of lack of social responsibilities to foreign textile investors, clothing firms have been taken advantage in many ways: extending working hours to very long days, cutting their lunch break and “descanso”, paying very low wages and deplorable working conditions, even using child labour, to mention some.

In a few words, this economic model, that unfortunately is also reproduced in other industries, is creating conflicts. Population is discontent, poor, exploited and unhappy. Countries with better conditions also suffer the consequences. Chile, for example, has become a big importer of clothing as its own clothing textile industry can’t compete with the low prices from other markets. Many women who sew for surviving before are now struggling for jobs. Tailoring in Chile is a a tool frequently used for women to support their families.


Ana, Nadia and Johana, Justa tailors

Justa (fair in Spanish) promises to have a fair price for the costumer, but more important, a fair wage for tailors. Justa is so far sewn by three women, hard workers, with a single sewing machine, who maintain their families. In a not so far future Justa’s idea is that these three women could become hundreds. The obtained benefits shall help their families and improve their social condition. Justa’s dream is to create a fund for their children’s education.

We are just starting, the first collection is already in the making! If you want to contribute please become a costumer 😉 or if you like yoga have a look, you might find something you like…

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