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The Study Journey

It is just 5 days before leaving to Thailand and the single thing that I have been thinking about is to learn the dialogue.

Learn the dialogue before you go.
Learn the dialogue before you go.
Learn the dialogue before you go.

Learn the dialogue before you go is what I have been advised. Learning the dialogue has been however an extreme experience and a very difficult one. I actually need to learn the dialogue and remember it, to be able to deliver it in front of everybody and Bikram.DSC_7912

I received by e-mail the first dialogue postures in March and the whole document about two weeks ago by regular mail. Since then I have been cramming it into my head long enough to spit it out when I am in Thailand. Did I mentioned that I am supposed to learn 24 positions by heart? that is about 40 pages that I have to remember!  Never in my life have I had to memorize 90+ minutes of words. Word for word. Including all the incorrect grammar.

Going back to how I successfully studied at  the university, memorizing was a tool I hardly used. As a “reading comprehension” and somewhat academic type of person, it is totally essential for me to understand the process and mechanism behind the text. Unfortunately I haven’t found it yet. Actually, I don’t think the dialogue has one. So verbatim, there is no other way out.

The experience around the dialogue is already intense all around. Even if my teachers are insisting a bit on memorizing the dialogue before I go, there is some kind of internal pressure that makes me nervous. Tina, the owner of the amazing studio where I practice Bikram (Raw Yoga Oslo) asked me several times if I want to teach half moon pose, and I am pretty sure she will continue to ask. But I don’t feel prepared yet. I think I will never feel prepared.

I have tried different methods  finding a way to study the dialogue that will allow me to retain it. I started recording myself and listening to my voice while I have breakfast, lunch and dinner, take a shower, brush my teeth, do or remove the makeup, on my way to everywhere, at the sofa while having a rest, and so on. I am rDSC_7917epeating the words and saying them out loud almost everywhere. I made a list of the first words of each posture and use those to jog my memory of the lines that I had learned. I have also been improving my drawing abilities making some king of depiction for every part of the human body, verb or action.

My ultimate creation is a plasticized dialogue I could use inside the hot room during postures clinic. Just love it! It has already became like my personal Bible. The two of us will rarely separate the two upcoming months.DSC_7908

The consequence of all this is that I have been associating every movement of my life with Bikram postures and its dialogue. At home we even started joking about it. We now say that when tired, we should practice the sofasana pose, at parties the Danceyamana-Cheershirasana, or the Drinkingyamana-Cavahaktapada-Piscomotthanasana (referring to the chilean pisco sour), and when hungry the soupasana. Ca….asana is one of those we love. If you speak spanish maybe you will get it. You did it??

It is just 5 days and the only thing I am thinking is about the dialogue. I will let you know how it goes, and hopefully you can take a class with me, however just in english please. I read in a blog that english speakers have great admiration for the non-native English speakers who must learn dialogue in English and after training, go back to their countries and re-learn it in their native tongues. I also would be admired of myself if I could ever learn it again in Spanish or Norwegian… So for now just be content with the English version! 🙂


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