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A week of shocks

That’s right, that is what the first days here have been, a collection of shocks: weather shock, cultural shock, mind shock, body shock, food shock… I am not saying it as a negative experience, on the contrary, this week has been wonderful! Now I know that I have taken the right decision, it is the best option. Even if the first day, especially after the first practice with Bikram, I regretted signing up for this and asked myself what I was doing here. It has not been easy to leave my wonderful and comfortable life in Norway and start sharing a room with a person I have never met before, invest every single free minute learning an endless dialogue or sweat, sweat and sweat the whole day, not just when practicing in a hot room with 80% humidity, but outside as well!

To be honest I have got used to the weather very easily, how can you not when you can wear shorts all day and we can jump right into the tDSC_7981 copyurquoise sea after class! Full of jellyfish though… and as the lucky one I got stung three times already (!) .

I have read from blogs and heard from former students that the first and second weeks of training are the easiest. I really hope they are wrong… So far these few days have been the most difficult ones, not physically, but mentally. Adaptation has been a battle, but as Bikram says, “we still have to win the war”. Up to this point what I have learnt is, as he keeps reminding us, to “do something or get the fuck out of here”.

So there you go, two weeks, it has been two weeks already! The weeks have gone and I have experienced everything from happiness to hatred, I am well into my intense training of 2 classes per day, endless workshops, dialogue studying, Bollywood movie watching… which leaves only a few hours for sleepinIMG_0228g. So far I feel well, a bit tired but very happy. I have also noticed that my alternative treatment is already working and I can maintain my energy levels. The food is just amazing. However I am still struggling with the fact that we get only two meals per day. Thai food is sooo good! The hotel is also preparing different Asian specialties, Thursday was Chinese and Japanese day and Friday Mexican.

And what about Bikram? Not sure if I want to talk about this just yet… I think the topic deserves its own blog entry… You will be the first to know when that happens 😉

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