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The Yoga Journey

2014-07-31 20.43.14

My yoga journey started some years ago, maybe about ten or more, during high school, but I don’t want to be more precise and tell the world how old I am. Just quoting a friend, I am …ty-something…twenty, thirty….

I have tried so many types of yoga trying to like any of them, but I didn’t success. I understood Yoga as a cool sport which my friends practiced and helped them cultivate a beautiful and young body.

Not long ago, I tried a very singular and unusual type of yoga… Bikram. I took my first class on the 29th of January, during winter. Even though it wasn’t very cold outside, coming from a relatively warm country, a -5 degrees Oslo was pretty chilly to like the idea of going into a +40 degrees yoga class. But, what was that smell? Upon entering the studio, I was smacked in the face with a horrible odor, nonetheless just thinking about a Caribbean experience in Scandinavia pushed me to enter the class.

Before the class began, the teacher told me and the newcomers in a very strange Norwegian (at the time my language skills were even worst than todays), that we should lie down if we feel dizzy or faint, but that we should not leave the room, ever… At this point, I was getting a little nervous.  I really didn’t want to faint onto the sweaty carpet. Oh, yes, Bikram studios are carpeted. Even if I was worried about the smell and asking myself if I could tolerate it for 90 minutes I was enjoying the heat …I was feeling like at home.

When the practice began I saw most of the people very focused on their own… very concentrated, nobody seem to even briefly take a glance to their neighbors, but me. I could not fixed my eyes on the mirror, postures were too difficult for me and I needed to look how the poses actually were. Didn’t I told you that the teacher is not showing them? Is just dialogue.  Overall, I felt good about what I was able to do. I sat down few times, I was extremely tired and because I drunk too much water I was feeling stuffed, but I did manage to last the entire 90 minutes.

After the class, I felt exhilarated, relaxed and with so much energy. I could manage not to over sleep the following days and stop overwintering!  Bikram was my solution to make normal activity and survival in Norway easier. Time passed and I could saw how my regular Bikram practice helped me to increase my flexibility and fitness. That was from the outside. But from the inside I was feeling happier and balanced. Even if many, and also my husband, still thinks I am over-willed, is just because I will like to do so many things, like this blog for instance. My mom always told me “Dani, el que la sigue, la consigue”, a spanish proverb which in other words means: If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. And that is what I am trying to do right now.

Success may mean so many different thing depending on your goals: attainment of higher social statues, profesional or academic succes, prosperity, victory, triumph, reward, etc. For me to considered myself a successful woman would be to do something I like, something that I love to do and that gives me fulfillment. I am a historian, political scientist with two masters, and I love my career. But I haven’t succeed.  I haven’t been able to find the way of feeling peaceful or finding the right job that makes me realized as a “scientist”. However, when my imagination soars and I envisage myself involved in my yoga projects, a whole spectrum of joy and opportunities come up to my mind. That is why  I have decided to make a trip, a long one, from Chile to Norway and to Thailand to become a Bikram teacher.

Yoga has changed the way I look at life, to understand things from a different angle, much better. In few days I will experience TheYogainMe during 9 weeks of teacher yoga training in Phuket! yeah! it will be awesome, but I am as scared as I was the first time I stepped inside a Bikram studio, or even more. But the scariest moment is always just before you start! So lets start this adventure together, I want to make MyYogaExperience for every bunny and everybody. I want my family and friends from many different far away parts of the world to share my trip to somewhere, my journey to success.

Just to finish this my first post I will like to mention again my inspiring ty-something friend who have made hers a quote from Pippi Langstrømpe: Det har jeg aldri gjørt før, så derfor klarer jeg helt sikkert. And I am sure I can make this!



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